Terms & Conditions

Buying will only be on a first come first serve basis

We require you to pay 30% of the total value as NON REFUNDABLE deposit in order for us to confirm and hold the diamonds for you at the time of purchasing diamonds that are not available at the port of destination

Once you have paid the deposit you & we both are committed and bound to the completion of the sale.

Payments must be done either through Bank Transfer or through DEBIT or CREDIT Card. THAILAND Customers may choose to pay installments of 3 months, 6 months and 10 months only if they choose to pay by Thai credit cards. But the deposit of 30% has to be paid first.

Before wiring/shipping any merchandise or funds, always verify the details with us via telephone. E-mail communication Is not always secure and often can be hacked.

There will be no returns of the product. You may, however, opt to exchange what you bought for diamonds of equal or higher value given that at least one year has passed since the purchase of the diamond (if you want to exchange it before completion of one year then there will be a 10% charge), as long as the diamond is in the same condition when it was purchased, along with the invoice or memo provided at the time of transaction for verification of the diamond.

We do not accept responsibility for any extra costs that you might have incurred on the diamonds after purchasing from us. We are responsible to exchange only for the amount that you had initially paid at the time of transaction.

The name on the invoice will be the same as the name of the individual/company who has booked the stones.

You must accept full responsibility of the Diamonds if you request us to send it to an address that is different than your normal shipping address.

If the shipping address is different than your normal shipping address you will be required to fill out a KYC form separately.

If any changes are requested on the invoice once it is generated, then there will be a 0.5% additional service charge.

We are only bound to our price per carat of the stones; not on the %Rap Off.

We are not bound for any Rap changes or calculation errors.

Customers are advised to look at the Payment Instructions listed on our Website Only and not rely on any email communications as emails are prone to being hacked. Living Stars Co Ltd holds no responsibility in case of any emails being hacked.

All our deals follow a one-price policy. Our prices are fixed since they are set after a watchful study of the market, and to be able to follow our guaranteed exchange policy. They are fair and also save time for the customers.

Any order with value less than $30,000 will be subject to an additional cost of shipping. Please refer to the Shipping and Handling charges document for more information.

Upon receiving your buying request, we will check the various aspects involved and accordingly will proceed with the sale. Once we confirm the sale then you should proceed to make the deposit & follow all payment instructions properly to complete the transaction.

You may ask us to share images and videos of the stones with you so that you can make a fully informed decision regarding the purchase. You may contact our sales or your LS representative to have the stone checked personally. We want you to have all your questions answered first & make the purchase decision only after you are 100% satisfied.

You may also ask us to have the stones certified before delivery if they are not already certified, but this will only be possible after the sale has been confirmed & the complete advance payment has been made to avoid future disputes.

Living Stars has its own grading system following the International Standard of Grading Diamonds. We will issue an LS certificate with written confirmation that guarantees the exchange policy for you on the basis that you have informed us at the time of sale which is only for our reference to help our exchange policy stated above.

We will provide you full access to our inventory only after we've had a few transactions with you.