Diamond Education

Diamond Introduction

  • This is the hardest gem of all
  • It is made of one carbon
  • Colorless and pure
  • Diamond forms under high temperature and pressure conditions
  • Exist in different shapes

The Journey of your Diamond


What is a Diamond Grading Report?

It’s best to be safe and issue reports. Reports provide lab confirmation of the Diamond’s quality. It proves that the diamond is from a trusted source or an unbiased source. A Diamond Grading report is a certificate of verification.


Six attributes of any diamonds

  • Color:
  • Clarity
  • Cut:
  • Carat Weight


The less color, the higher the grade, and the more valuable it becomes.

Color Color

D = Absolutely Colorless
Z = Dark Fancy Color
Beyond Q color, a diamond is considered to be a fancy colored diamond

# Fluorescence Color


Even a trained eye cannot differentiate between the different fluorescence's in natural daylight
Fact: The presence of fluorescence without striations is one way to prove the authenticity of a natural diamond.




There are 11 grades. A flawless diamond has no inclusions, and a diamond that is graded I3 has inclusions visible to the naked eye. Table Imperfection explains the size of an imperfection in the table of the Diamond compared to its total imperfections. It minimizes when center is clean and it gradually increases to major.


Black Inclusions indicate the amount of black carbons as compared to the total imperfection in the diamond.
The visibility, number of inclusions, location and size of Diamonds determine the clarity of a Diamond. Diamonds with black inclusion would be cheaper than one with white inclusion. Stone with inclusion in the center would be cheaper than one with inclusion towards the crown and girdle.


Cut refers to the angles and proportions a skilled cutter created in transforming a rough diamond into polished.


The way a Diamond is cut affects its brightness, and fire. This grading is for round, brilliant Diamonds.


Buyers focus on the shape of the Diamond & how well it's executed. We specialize in the Heart & Arrow Cut.


Luster describes the fire and sparkle of the Diamond. It depends on the light reflected and refracted by the Diamond.



The smoother the polish is, the more attractive and shinier the diamond might appear.



This is when each facet of the diamond is constantly sized and situated opposite its corresponding facet


Carat Weight

The weight of a diamond is measured in "Carats" and "Cents".


1 Carat = 100 cents
1 Carat = 0.20 g

Only one in a thousand Diamonds are more than 1 Carat.